Separating Parents Top Tips




Separating Parents Top Tips

I like many hundreds of other therapists who have worked with the fallout of divorce and separating parents, have witnessed that one of the single most heart breaking issues, has always been the residual, emotional pain felt by teenagers and adults.

These clients, who as children, were caught in the crossfire of the parents bitter dispute, that often went on for many years. They often struggle to trust or engage in healthy, fulfilling relationships. If only separating parents were able to understand the lifelong damage that can so often be caused by their conflicting thoughts and feelings. This is so painful for the children involved. Top tips for separating parents offers information about grounding at the time of the conflict, if these top tips help just one set of separating parents to think twice about the damage and heartbreak that their children are going through, it has been worth producing for that reason alone.

It is easy in retrospect, to consider the damage that may have been caused by the emotional disturbance of separating parents and sometimes parental alienation in childhood.

All children of separating parents have a right to a father and a mother, whether the parents like each other or not. The fact that both are no longer happy is never the children’s fault and both parents need to be accepting of this fact. Children are not referees either physically or emotionally. Children need quality time even if that is in separating homes. Some tips for separating parents are useful to remember because children may not only lose touch with the parent who has left but also their grandparents of that parent and this can be yet another loss for them and is totally unfair in every way. It is not their fight and they should not be drawn in to it to take sides.

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