Specialist Trauma Therapy for Complex PTSD


by Accredited Professionals

Clinical Supervision

The world of counselling is becoming more and more difficult as client expectations rise to sometimes unbelievable levels. This is where Clinical Supervision can be critical and an understanding and knowledgeable Clinical Supervisor can assist in the process of working through these issues.

If a counsellor doesn’t return a call immediately, the client can become irate and/or impatient. Understandably so, however the counsellor can’t be in two or three places at once. They have other clients, a life and most often, a family of their own. It can be a lonely job and counsellors often feel unheard and depleted. Having robust Clinical Supervision with a accredited professional allows for experienced nurturing, guidance and a knowing that support is always available is invaluable, in this ever changing world.

We offer the full package of Clinical Supervision to both counselling individuals and groups. Working in this way, allows us to offer telephone and video sessions. We provide the very best nurturing and supportive Clinical Supervision possible: supervisees receive a unique welcome handbook and access to download PDF information at a reduced cost.

Having been through accreditation processes personally, and having worked with many supervisees over the years, we have a good understanding of what is expected and how much effort is required. The whole application can seem daunting at first; addressing your questions and issues around the process in Clinical Supervision can be nurturing and empowering to assist you through it.

In the counselling world, Clinical Supervision is about a continuous and nurturing basis of direction, guidance and education.
All counsellors need to have a trusted and experienced Clinical Supervisor that they can go to for a myriad of professional and clinical issues.

This could be issues relating to;

  • Supervision of current clients and caseload/case reviews, treatment planning and suitable interventions.
  • Supervision of Continued Professional Development (CPD) skills and training.
  • Supervision of supervisee’s self-development, self-reflection and self-care.
  • Supervision of supervisee’s work balance for employment or private practice.
  • Supervision of effective, ethical and legal services to clients, boundaries.
  • Clinical Supervision overview of case notes that work for the counsellor.
  • Supervision, safeguarding and safety of all clients.
  • Overview and Clinical Supervision of potential court attendance and/or note submission.

Sue J. Daniels
Clinical Supervision

Client C-PTSD Workbook

This workbook is a therapeutic tool that can be used in conjunction with a comprehensive 12- or 20-week Complex PTSD recovery programme, which can be adapted to suit your own practice.

It has been designed to help individual’s process traumatic information, manage anxiety and depression, regain a sense of control, and develop essential life skills. It is for use in combination with face to face and/or online post traumatic therapies.

The programme itself is a hybrid system which incorporates 12 or 20 weeks of fortnightly face to face therapy sessions with client lead completion, alongside this unique, specific workbook for self-help and home-based commitment.

Journal: For Self and Sanity

A beautiful self satisfying journal, carefully created especially for you! A space to contain your own thoughts and feelings in private. Cram it with loveliness, moments, quotes, memories, poems and/or anything that connects you with Love.

Each page is scattered with gentle elements of nature. Deliberately left as blank sheets, so as not to limit your expression by having to keep within the lines. Giving you freedom to draw and sketch. It’s like a mood board, but in a book. A place to scribe your own dreams, let them be wild, let them be free, most of all, let them be real.

Soul Journey: Journal notebook

Embark on a transformative odyssey with our A4 'Soul Journey' Journal, a versatile sanctuary for your creativity and introspection. With 200 blank pages, this journal becomes a boundless canvas for your imagination, allowing you to inscribe your thoughts, pen your poetry, map out your plans, sketch your visions, embellish with stickers, indulge in scrapbooking, or simply capture anything your heart desires within the confines of a journal.

Embrace the freedom to explore the depths of your creativity and self-expression, knowing that every stroke, word, or idea finds its place within these pages. Let 'Soul Journey' be your steadfast companion in the adventure of self-discovery and creative exploration, guiding you to new horizons of inspiration and personal revelation."

Dream Journal: Reflection & Imagination

Dive into the realm of your subconscious with our A4 Dream Journal, a notebook space designed to capture the ethereal wanderings of your mind. With 200 plain pages awaiting your touch, this journal invites you to chronicle the vivid landscapes and narratives of your dreams, whether they unfold in the night or reside as aspirations for the future.

Embrace the opportunity to unravel the enigmatic threads of your imagination and unlock the power of your innermost thoughts. Let this journal be the canvas for your nocturnal adventures and the blueprint for your aspirations, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and the boundless potential of your dreams.

Working with Complex Bereavement

Working with Complex Bereavement: is divided into ten chapters, which introduce factual, lived experiences within a range of complexities that regularly surround bereavement and the varying processes of grief.

They illustrate current processes for working with clients. These can range from interventions such as talking therapies, paper exercises such as the ©Bereavement Bridge, arts and crafts in terms of memory boxes and garments to information about psychological processing tools, such as; EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing), BSP (Brainspotting), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, VKD (Visual, Kinaesthetic Dissociation) otherwise known as the Rewind Technique.

Working With Adverse Childhood Experience

Working with Adverse Childhood Experience; is divided into ten chapters that introduce factual life experiences within of a range of adverse childhood experiences. These include physical, sexual, psychological and neglect. All complexities that regularly surround unsafeguarded childhood experiences.

The book also describes the most up to date processes for working with clients. These can range from talking therapies, arts and crafts, through to psychological processing tools such as Guided Visualisation,EMDR (Eye movement dissociation reprocessing), BSP (Brainspotting), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, (VKD) Visual and Kinaesthetic Dissociation. Also known as the Rewind Technique.

Working With Trauma

For those bereft from losing loved ones naturally or by tragic demise. When that death isn't final for those who are left behind, when it is a long hard road ahead. They seek to avoid the inevitable changes that are taking place. Those affected are compelled to be thrown powerfully into the unknown. We can only work with clients to explore their understanding that acceptance means letting go, letting go of that which is and never was in their control or their responsibility.

Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse

As we learn new and effective physiological treatments for those who have been targeted by violent individuals within relationships, outcomes are becoming far more suited to the post traumatic growth of those affected as a whole. An understanding into the basic functioning of the adrenal glands is crucial when working with victims of domestic violence, giving useful insight into how the body can quickly become overloaded with stress and how such a response can manifest into a myriad of illness. Adrenal fatigue is just one of the physical aftershocks of the violence element in domestic abuse.

Working with Rape and Sexual Violence

The trauma caused by rape and sexual assault can often be further compounded by unthinking or insensitive comments from people who may judge, disbelieve or disparage the victim. This authoritative resource draws together advice for all people in the helping professions on how to work with victims of rape and sexual violence. The wide-ranging topics cover the effects of rape, male rape, childhood sexual abuse, sex trafficking and prostitution, and sexually transmitted infections, giving best practice advice on how to offer effective and compassionate support to help survivors.

Deeper Down: Guided Visualisation for Everyday Therapy

This book of everyday scripts for guided visualisation; has been collated from over two decades of working with some of life’s difficulties. Often, clients attending for general counselling just need a way to feel calm…

#Me Time: Therapeutic Workbook for those affected by rape and sexual violence

#MeTime is a non gender specific, gentle and empathic therapeutic workbook. It is full of safe and gentle exercises to take one’s time, it provides many reflective personal journal note pages for readers to ponder over, past present and future.
It allows for making one’s own journal notes along the way to move forward. This means that the workbook can be used within any therapeutic setting whether with a professional or in ones own time and at preferred pace...

LAVA - Life After Violence & Abuse: Therapy Workbook

L.A.V.A. is an empathic, gentle, therapeutic workbook. It is written and designed as non gender specific. Full of safe and gentle exercises to take one's time, it provides many reflective personal journal note pages for readers to ponder over, past present and future. It allows for making one's own journal notes along the way to move forward. This means that the workbook can be used within any therapeutic setting whether with a professional or on one's own. Journaling is well known for allowing the safe release of emotional pain, expression and writing down thoughts and feelings.

Trauma Therapeutic Workbook: 80 Key Points for Working Towards Post Traumatic Growth

Trauma Therapeutic Workbook is an empathic, non-gender specific, therapeutic workbook. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and associated symptoms, are becoming more and more talked about and experienced by so many.It is full of safe and gentle exercises to take one’s time, it provides many reflective personal journal note pages for readers to write down their feelings, to ponder over, past present and future. It allows for making one's own journal notes along the way to move forward. This means that the workbook can be used within any therapeutic setting, whether with a professional or on one’s own. Journaling is well known for allowing the safe release of emotional pain, expression and...

Towergate Insurance

Counsellors' Insurance. A helping hand for listening ears with counsellors' insurance from Towergate.

  • Specialist counsellors insurance for you and your business, including cover for working from your home, or over Skype/phone/video
  • Bespoke packages tailored to your needs from as little as £44.96 per year, with no hidden fees or charges* (T&Cs apply)
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Request a basic DBS check

The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Update Service is a fast and convenient way for individuals and organisations to keep their criminal records up to date. Being on the DBS Update Service is useful for several reasons, including:

1. Convenience: Instead of having to apply for a new DBS check every time you need one, you can simply subscribe to the DBS Update Service and receive instant status updates on your criminal record.

2. Cost-effectiveness: By subscribing to the DBS Update Service, you can save money on repeat DBS checks. This is especially useful for individuals who work in roles where they require frequent DBS checks, such as counsellors, healthcare workers or teachers.

3. Peace of mind: By staying up to date with your criminal record, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employer has access to accurate and current information about you.

4. Enhanced employment opportunities: Being on the DBS Update Service can also open new employment opportunities for you. Some employers require employees to be on the DBS Update Service, and having a current criminal record check can make you a more attractive candidate.

Subscribing to the service is easy and affordable and can provide you with peace of mind and enhanced employment opportunities.

Data Protection Fee?

Every organisation or sole trader who processes personal information needs to pay a data protection fee to the ICO, unless they are exempt.

“Quality Clinical Supervision is a critical part of all talking therapies, support work and frontline connection.”

I specifically work in general with the seven eyed model of supervision:

    1. Supervisor focus on the client presented through the supervisee.
    2. Supervisor focus on intervention and treatments delivered.
    3. Supervisor focus on the immediate client – supervisee relationship.
    4. Supervisor focussing on the supervisee’s process, both presented and in the session.
    5. Supervisor focus on the counsellor – supervision relationship.
    6. Focus on my own process as a clinical supervisor.
    7. Supervisor focus on the wider context of what has been presented – overview and solution.

    All Supervisors working with SJD Clinical Supervision and Consultancy Services are Senior Accredited Members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), each has their own professional liability insurance and are qualified experienced and trained to provide Clinical Supervision.