PTSD & C-PTSD – Programmes

PTSD and C-PTSD are serious and debilitating disorders that occur as a result of experiencing either one trauma or repeated traumatic suffering over a long period of time. C-PTSD can often be seen in survivors of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and combat. The effects of all unresolved trauma are far-reaching and can deeply impact an individual’s ability to function in day-to-day life. However, with the right support and treatment, individuals with PTSD at any level can achieve post-traumatic growth and personal development.

We provide two separate comprehensive recovery programmes, both are designed to help individuals’ process traumatic information, manage triggers, flashbacks, regain a sense of control, and develop essential life skills. The programmes are facilitated by experienced senior accredited trained mental health professionals, who specialise in working with individuals with trauma-related disorders and associated symptoms.

PTSD (12 Week Programme)

12 week programme, incorporates an initial assessment of 90mins and 6 x fortnightly sessions of 60mins of post trauma intervention such as EMDR (eye movement desensitising reprocessing), VKD (rewind technique work), BSP (Brainspotting) and GV (Guided Visualisation). This, together with the client completing our unique PTSD workbook alongside the therapy work, enhances and enables self-regulation, encouraging a nurtured sense of responsibility around self-recovery and post traumatic growth.

C-PTSD (20 Week Programme)

20 week programme, which incorporates an initial assessment of 90mins and 10 x fortnightly sessions of 60mins of post trauma intervention such as EMDR (eye movement desensitising reprocessing), VKD (rewind technique work), BSP (brainspotting) and GV (Guided Visualisation). This, together with the client completing our unique PTSD workbook alongside the therapy work, enhances and enables self-regulation, encouraging a nurtured sense of responsibility around self-recovery and post traumatic growth.

Client C-PTSD Workbook

This workbook is a therapeutic tool that can be used in conjunction with a comprehensive 12- or 20-week Complex PTSD recovery programme, which can be adapted to suit your own practice.

It has been designed to help individual’s process traumatic information, manage anxiety and depression, regain a sense of control, and develop essential life skills. It is for use in combination with face to face and/or online post traumatic therapies.

The programme itself is a hybrid system which incorporates 12 or 20 weeks of fortnightly face to face therapy sessions with client lead completion, alongside this unique, specific workbook for self-help and home-based commitment.


client c-ptsd workbookI was fortunate to go on the pilot of the 12-week, fortnightly EMDR programme, to help with PTSD after being involved in a three-car road traffic accident. As a busy working mum of two children, I was hesitant about taking on such a commitment. But I’m so glad I did.

The EMDR programme was well-structured, with each session building on the progress I had made in the previous one. By the end of the sixth session, I had made significant progress and felt like I had come a long way from where I started.

One of the things that made the biggest difference to me was the specifically written informative workbook that was provided to me. The workbook was priceless and allowed me to keep my mind focused and organised. I was able to write notes, thoughts, and feelings after each session, which helped me process my experiences and stay on track throughout the programme.

But what made the programme so special was my therapist’s unparalleled expertise and support. She was incredibly kind, patient, and empatic, creating a safe and nurturing space for me to work through my PTSD and start to heal. She guided me through each session with ease, making sure that I had a clear understanding of what was happening at every step along the way.

Now that the programme is complete, I am in a completely different place emotionally and mentally. I am more resilient, confident, and happier than I have been in a long time. I have more emotional space and availability for my loved ones.

Overall, I can not recommend this EMDR programme enough. If you’re a busy mum or dad struggling with PTSD, this treatment is worth the investment. You will not only be supported, but you will also be guided through a transformative journey towards healing and peace of mind.

— Bethany —


client c-ptsd workbookI cannot speak highly enough of the 20 week, fortnightly EMDR programme I completed, to treat PTSD after serving in Afghanistan as a soldier in the British Army. The experience was transformative, and I can only credit the caring, tough at times, but compassionate, and expert guidance of my therapist for helping me to make such a profound difference in my life.

The way the EMDR sessions were worked out helped me to make real progress in a relatively short period of time, which was hugely encouraging for me.

Initially, I didn’t think I would use the workbook, thought it would be a bit lame, but it gave me so much missing information about my condition and allowed me the time to work through it in between sessions. This gave me a clear roadmap of what to expect at each stage. It’s full of helpful exercises and activities for working through loads of questions I had about PTSD and space to write down anything that came up for me.

Sue is an experienced and empathetic practitioner who definately knows her stuff, she took the time to understand my unique experiences and tailor the treatment to my needs. She created a safe and supportive place that I so desperately needed for so long. This allowed me to fully embrace the treatment and make real progress.

In the end, having just recently emerged from the programme, I’m feeling like a new man. I’m more confident, more self-assured, and most importantly, I am more at peace than I have been in years. I owe it all to this EMDR programme and my therapist’s unflagging commitment to my healing journey. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with PTSD and wants to take back control of their life.


client c-ptsd workbookI am incredibly grateful for the 20 week EMDR programme that I completed to treat the effects of 11 years of an abusive, violent, and controlling marriage. The fortnightly sessions provided a safe and supportive environment to confront my trauma and make real progress towards healing.

The specifically written life action plan workbook provided with the programme was invaluable to me. It allowed me to write down years of unspoken agony and helped me focus on my progress between EMDR sessions. The extra sessions that I had allowed me to properly close the healing process, and that gave me a sense of comfort knowing that my therapist supported my needs throughout the programme.

Overall, I feel healed, safe, and ready to move on. I am grateful for my therapist’s expertise, experience, and compassion. She provided expert guidance throughout the programme, guiding me towards a brighter future free of trauma and abuse.

If you’re facing your own trauma and want to take the first step towards healing, I highly recommend this EMDR programme. The workbook and sessions provide a roadmap to recovery, and the support and expert insight of the therapist makes all the difference.
– Georgia –

Fees per session:
Initial Assessment (90 mins) £80.00
Post Trauma Work (60 mins) £75:00
Payment can be made online via bank transfer in advance or by card payment at the time of the session.

Corporate & Legal

Case Management Companies, Personal Injury Solicitors, and Insurance Companies:

These are comprehensive PTSD recovery programmes that incorporate a uniquely developed workbook, for clients to use alongside the psychological processing of their traumatic experience.

Using EMDR, as recognised by the NICE Guidelines, the programmes are designed to support individuals struggling with PTSD, and C-PTSD and associated symptoms and are a valuable tool for helping clients to achieve post-traumatic growth.

Each programme is personalised to meet each individual’s unique needs and challenges. We offer a solution that is multi-faceted, combining evidence-based modalities.

Our PTSD recovery programmes are delivered by accredited, experienced health professionals. We understand the complexities of trauma, C-PTSD and PTSD, and we are committed to providing compassionate, evidence-based care that is customised to meet each client’s individual needs and goals.

International Client Work

Our PTSD & C-PTSD Programmes are available internationally to English speaking clients through our telehealth system. The PDF fillable Client Workbook can be accessed online (or we are happy to send by mail), once the initial assessment has been completed.

As well as their core trauma training, our EMDR therapists have completed the relevant extended training to enable professional and efficient work on a telehealth system through a specific EMDR platform called HIPAA LINK. With its’ Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) feature it allows for enhanced therapeutic outcomes by stimulating both sides of the brain simultaneously, facilitating accelerated processing and integration of traumatic experiences.

HIPAA LINK is the first fully integrated visual and auditory feature for providers trained in offering EMDR Therapy Sessions (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Clients do not need to have the HIPAA LINK app installed, they just click on their invitation link and enter the virtual therapy room, ready to start their session.

This ensures that clients get the very best treatment, a shared virtual space and boundaried connection where clients can create their own healing space.

We get so many enquiries from abroad and this ensures that we can offer the same service. The programme/s can reach out to those who need them anywhere in the UK and/or internationally.