Wellbeing Support and Mentoring in the Workplace

Corporate Supervision

Corporate supervision and organisational professional supervision is essential to build a strong and resilient work force, lower absence and workplace stress. Corporate professional and organisational supervision works with every level of employment, from those who work on the frontline to managers and chief executive officers. At SJD Clinical Supervision and Consultancy are regularly contracted to work with an increasing number of organisations, in a wellbeing and professional mentoring capacity. For those working on the frontline with traumatised individuals, professional supervision ensures that employees are working safely and ethically, protecting them as frontline workers whether self-employed, employed or organisational. The idea of overseeing another person’s work in any industry can effectively be called managing, mentoring or supervision. Above all, supervisors of professional practitioners need to be a nurturing force, one that can be combined with a challenging approach where necessary, allowing the practitioner to develop and grow in confidence and capability without, an authoritative or hierarchical air.

We offer the full package of professional supervision to both individuals and groups within your work force and/or organisation. Working in this way, allows us to offer telephone and video sessions. We provide the very best nurturing and supportive professional supervision possible.

The supervisor’s goal is “to do whatever seems most likely to send the other person away more aware, more informed, skilled and encouraged than she was when she came in”.
(Houston 1990, p12)

At the initial supervision meeting both parties are able to decide on a way forward with what is expected and this can be established through a contractual agreement signed by both parties. This also determines the length of sessions, frequency and fees which can also be discussed and agreed.

Sue J. Daniels
Wellbeing Support
and Mentoring

The task of the supervisor is to help him (the supervisee) feel received, valued understood on the assumption that only then will he feel safe enough and open enough to review and challenge himself, as well as to value himself and his own abilities. Without this atmosphere, too, he is unlikely to be open to critical feedback or pay good attention to managerial instructions.
(P. Hawkins and R. Shohet) Supervision in the Helping Professions.

All Supervisors working with SJD Clinical Supervision and Consultancy Services are Senior Accredited Supervisors and members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), each has their own professional liability insurance and are qualified experienced and trained to provide Professional Supervision in the workplace.